Special Education Services

504 Plan and Student Support Team (SST) Process

School Counselor

The school counselor provides guidance, strategies, and support to all students regarding concerns and struggles in areas of academics, behavior, and social-emotional. The school counselor’s visits with a student are to provide a safe place without judgment to work together to gain strategies to solve problems and ease concerns, allow for safe conversation and an area to refocus. Visits are confidential unless that student is found harming self or others. Students are encouraged to talk with parents and/or school personnel, and the counselor will talk with parents if students ask for help in regards to personal matters. The school counselor and staff work together on an appropriate time to visit so it does not impede on important instructional time, but know that some students need immediate help and will adjust assignments accordingly. 

If a student requires more intense therapy or crisis help, Columbia has access to Mental Health Clinicians provided by the Tuolumne County School Office on campus. For more information regarding their services and/or would like to refer a student please contact Ms. Tina Cruz at 209-533-7700, ext. 4409 or Email Ms. Tina Cruz. Parents/guardians will be notified that a referral has been made before a student can see a clinician, unless that student is in an immediate mental health crisis.

Please click here to submit a referral form to the school counselor.