Board Policies

It is the Columbia Union School District Board of Trustees’ responsibility to craft policy for the district that reflects its vision and ensure all policies and procedures comply with state and federal law.  The board does this in collaboration with the superintendent, stakeholders, professional organizations, and counsel.  

The Board of Trustees recently reviewed its current policies and created an ad hoc committee to propose potential changes.  This is a lengthy process and one that is taken seriously as all policy changes require a minimum of two (2) readings prior to approval.  It is encouraged for stakeholders to attend the regularly scheduled meetings or visit this page again to see what changes to policy have taken place.

To assist in the policy review, the board will continue to refer to the California School Boards Association (CSBA) since it develops, communicates and advocates the perspective of California school districts, county offices of education and regional occupational programs on critical education issue areas.  The Columbia Union School District Board of Trustees utilizes the CSBA to assist in amending, revising, removing, and adding board policies in order to maintain compliance and foster growth in student achievement and efficiency in operations.

Board Policies

1000 Community Relations

2000 Administration

3000 Business and Non-Instructional Operations

4000 Personnel

5000 Students

6000 Instruction

7000 Facilities

9000 Board Bylaws