New Staff

The Columbia Elementary Community is proud to welcome our new staff members for the 2019-2020 school year.

Crystal Collum will be joining us as a first-grade teacher this year. She is coming to us from Calaveras County. She has experience in teaching students to read and has a passion for improving outcomes for all students. 

Emily Reynolds will be joining us as a sixth-grade teacher this year. She is coming to us from Columbia College where she has taught Women’s Studies. Mrs. Reynolds is interested in teaching students more about the interactions between math and science. 

Mikaela Harris is joining us as a kindergarten teacher. Ms. Harris was with us last year as a long term substitute but is now with us on a permanent basis. She demonstrates a caring approach to kindergarten that will support all students in their development. 

Jeff Rabbe is joining us in our maintenance, operations, and transportation department. He will start immediately in the maintenance and operations departments. He will be working on his training to become a bus driver later this year.