Superintendent Search

Updates will be provided on this webpage throughout this process.

The Columbia Unified District School Board is in the process of conducting an Executive Search for the District’s next Superintendent. Leadership Associates, an executive search firm, was selected to advise the Board in this important process.

Superintendent Search Process Flow Chart

Note: Green italicized text indicates Board Participation

Phase 1
Initial Consultation with Board


• Review search process
• Discuss collectively with the Board:
o Characteristics desired in new Superintendent
o District strengths and challenges
o Community / staff input process
o Online survey
o Search Protocols and Agreements
• Finalize timeline

Phase 2
Community and Staff Input


• Confer with individuals and groups per Board’s request
(including individual board members if desired) to solicit
o Characteristics desired in new Superintendent
o District strengths and challenges
• Post online survey following Board approval
• Present survey results to board members

Phase 3
Position Description


• Develop Position Description using:
o Input received
o Description of District and community
o Key search dates / timelines
• Board reviews and approves draft
• Posted on Leadership Associates website, District
website, and provided to candidates

Phase 4
Reference Checking


• Advertise in trade publication(s)
• Actively recruit
• Conduct reference and database checks on all
potential candidates
• Conduct individual interviews with all potential finalists

Phase 5
Selection of Finalists


• Confer with Board to review all applicants
• Discussion and determination of top candidates
• Board determines finalists to interview
• Review interview process and prepare interview

Phase 6
Final Interviews


• Board conducts interviews with assistance from
Leadership Associates
• Board selects finalist
• Consultants inform all candidates of outcome

Phases 7, 8 & 9
Validation Process
Contract Offer
Public Approval of
New Superintendent after
New Superintendent is Signed


• Board conducts a validation process prior to official
contract offer
• Work with Board and finalist as needed to develop final
parameters for contract and to prepare press release
• Board takes public action at a regularly scheduled
meeting to employ new Superintendent
• Leadership Associates will provide and review Board
and Community input with new Superintendent
• Leadership Associates will provide follow-up services as

We Would Love Your Input

The Columbia Unified School District Board of Education is asking for your help in selecting our next superintendent. To ensure this is a collaborative and inclusive process, the Board is providing an anonymous online survey and encourages your participation. This is an opportunity to receive input from students, staff, parents, and community. Please follow the link below to provide your input.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new Superintendent be hired?

The Board will approve and publish a timeline which will reflect these details. Please check back if the timeline is not yet posted. These dates are subject to change as the search process continues.

How does the search process work?

The Board is working with Leadership Associates to conduct a rigorous, nationwide search. The Board will seek, receive, consider and review all input from the community, review all candidate applications, interview those candidates determined by the Board and select the new Superintendent. 

How and when do parents and other stakeholders weigh-in?

The Board will be soliciting input on the characteristics, experience, and skills desired in the next Superintendent via an online survey and stakeholder conference sessions.

When will the District share the collected input with the public?

All information gathered will be presented to the Board and then compiled, summarized, and incorporated into the Superintendent Position Profile / Description, which will be published here following Board review. 

Who will make the final selection?

By law, the Board is solely responsible for hiring the new Superintendent. The Board will seek, receive, and consider all input from the community, review all applications, interview those candidates determined by the Board, and select the new Superintendent.

How can the public follow this process?

Updates regarding the Superintendent search process will be posted here. The Board will also provide updates at its regularly scheduled board meetings and future press releases.

Can we find out who is applying?

All application materials, including the names of applicants and any other personally identifiable information, are confidential under law.