Our Program

TK-3rd has 30 min general music classes twice per week. Depending on grade level things we learn include: 

  • how to keep a steady beat
  • how to move to music
  • the difference between beat and rhythm
  • how to read, create,  and perform rhythms using Kodaly inspired rhythm syllables
  • how to sing and match pitch
  • how to read pitches and learn hand signals for do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, and do.
  • dynamics: loud and quiet in music
  • tempo: fast and slow in music
In 4th grade we add learning how to play the recorder to our program. In 5th grade we learn traditional band instruments.
For our 6th-8th grade electives this year we offer choir and junkyard band. In choir we learn about singing using healthy vocal production and how to sing in harmony. In junkyard band we are exploring non-traditional instruments like bucket drumming, rhythm cups, boomwhackers, and body percussion.

About Me

I have been teaching since 1996. My mission is to help students create a lifelong relationship with music, whether it be through playing instruments or singing, or appreciating it by being an informed listener.

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